Saturday, June 30, 2012


Im sorry to all those who are still reading and are wondering where has this girl been. I suck at updateing and especially in the last month. Last time i checked in i was talking about being back in college for a summer class and being so happy to be back because i was going to be able to focus on weight loss...The goal i set up was that by the end of the first week in july i would be 130 lbs.

Well here is my sucks....Really ive been stressing with school like crazy who knew summer classes would be this stressful well now i know what to expect and i can really say i have been having to focus on school and not so much on lossing weight. Basically this month was about focusing on school and i feel unacumplished i wish i could come on here and say o i did so good in school and i was able to reach my weight loss goal. But here i am realizing i only have one week left at school and than i will find myself being home.

dont get me wrong i still have all the time in the world to loss the last 20lbs but i know that as soon i go home instead of lossing i end up gaining and that just sucks and i know being home is my weekness and i need to work on that but its not easy.

But enough about me feeling down about waisting all june because it was waisted in regards to weight loss but thankfully i have spent my time focusing on my class and not just being lazy and so thats a little better. for most of june i have not extercised the way i should have but i did manage to keep my food intake extremly healthy, however this week that past i was feeling depressed and i ate food i knew i shouldnt have, and for that reason i have decided to go on an all vegtable and fruit no meat or processed food schedule for my last week here. I was watching a movie yesterday and it inspired me to do some kind of a clense and i think this will give me the boost i need to continue focusing on my weight loss. It was called "FAT SICK AND DEING" something like that and this one guy ended up doing a juicing for 90 days and his healthy really improved and well i was planning on doing something similar but i need to first buy a juicer and be sure buying veggies and fruits is on my budget especially when i get home. But ill figure it out once i have to cross that bridge as for now since i dont have a juice i will only focus on eating the whole fruit and veggies. Wish me luck and i will keep all of you updated on how this is going so far its only going to be for one week and depending on how i feel about it i might continue it at home but ill have to see how i feel.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


This is my second week into starting this weight loss journey once again...The start of this month (June) after being home and giving up on the extercise and the healthy eating i got up to 142lbs which truthfuly talking i cant complain because that still an awesome number but it makes me upset that i worked soooo hard in april and May to get down to 135lbs only to get back up after less than a 1 month being back home.

But im turning the leaf and letting the anger go and realizing that here i am i have not given up and June is my month to focus and get back on track. June 1 i weighed in at 142lbs i was going to update last friday but "TOM" was visiting and i didnt feel the weight was correct and i was bloated and not in the mood to post the weight...Today its Thursday June 14, and its about 2 weeks since my last weight in and im at 136.2lbs

im so happy and excited thats 6lbs down thats 3 lbs each week i cant be any more proud. I have been working like crazy and my mind is focused on so much and i want to continue doing this great but i know from here on out things are going to go slow because there is only so much weight i can loss.

ive been feeling sleepy and not in the mood to study even though i want to focus 100% on school but i cant because i have the weight on my mind. I choose to go the gym over studying, i choose to take a nap and recover my body to do a 3rd workout instead of studying. I NEED TO STOP REFOCUS AND TAKE THINGS SLOW.

with this said my goal this week is to slow down with the weight loss and focus on school ill only be here 1 month i can manage to put the weight loss on the back burner and focus on passing this class. I need to i have not choice and hopefully i can give my 100% once i get back home on the weight loss since all i will have is work to worry about.

well with that i hope you all have a great rest of the week and weekend and whats awesome is the boyfriend is visiting and this will give me a chance to relax and let go.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Ive been gone for about 1 month and im sorry because i feel as though i tend to do that alot i get on here and than out of no where i drop of the earth :)...This time i was just in vacation mode and didnt feel like updating mainly because my weight loss went down hill. I was home for 1 month i went from being 136 to 142. Im frustrated because i worked so freaking hard to get down to 136 it took me over 2 months and than in less than 1 month i went way up and here i am at 142lbs regreting every day i waisted.

However right know im taking a summer class back in school for 1 month and im focused and ready to drop 10lbs this means i would be 132lbs by july. Ive been back in school and doing my regular routine since Tuesday june 5th. I have set up such a big goal with the 10 lbs so i realized i need to work extra hard and focus and give all i have. So far the week has been amazing except for "TOM" has arrived and i have been bloating like crazy and craving and all that fun stuff.

My workout routine

I have classes early in the morning so i wake up at 5am and go for a 1hr walk/run. I walk half the time and run the other half. From 7-12 im in class. I go to the gym for 1hr in the afternoon. And finally at night i do the 30 day shred. (im on day 3)

Im not counting calories i have never nor will i start...I listen to my body and feed it accordingly i try to eat every 2 to 3 hours 4 meals 2 snacks. I eat more protein and carbs know that i workout alot more because i need the energy and also i need to give my muscles the right nutrients. So with that said i am taking a multivitamine pill its the 1 a Day Women's.

Thats it for know im probably going to weight in fridays. Also ill be posting some updated pictures and im keeping track of measurments for the 30 Day Shred. Heres to me being back and to all of you who are doing so great...lets accomplish all these goals and kick some butt!!!

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