Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello MAY

May is here and it seems as though april came and left and i was unaware. I decided to do a weigh in today so i could have a starting weight for this month i weighed in this morning at 136lbs. I am very happy with this number i was shooting for 135 so i was not too far off. I hopeing that by the end of May i will be at 130lbs and finally reach my goal weight. But serously i want to start concentrating more on switching my workout and focusing on weight training alot more once school is done.

Im starting may off awesome i started running on the tredmill....I starting off slow and steady switching from walking 5 min to jugging 5 minutes and i must say i love the burn i feel on my legs and hopefully this will shock my body and it will finally decide to change especially in the leg area but lets see how well this goes... Hope you all have an awesome week !!!


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