Friday, June 26, 2015

3 years back .... And pregnant

Omg its been like 3 years since i wrote on my blog let alone even been on it. Its funny to read the post i had written and how i look at it now i was really strong even if didnt feel like it at the time i was able to loss weight from 180ish to 130ish, i dont think if i tryed again that would happen this moment in time i couldn't even get close to that. But enough on the reflection lets talk about whats going on in my life right this moment

Three years later from when i was blogging on here i am no longer a college student graduated may 2014. Got pregnant sept 2014 and here i am as of today 6/26/15 40 weeks +1 day im having a baby boy who will be named Abraham jr. 

Here is a little bit about my pregnancy it was not planned to begin with but it most deffenetly is a blessing. Im having a baby boy no cravings i had minimal morning sickness no health issues untill recently ive been having edema swelling of the feet. Weight wise after finishing college i was up and down between 145-155lbs i figuered this was my ideal weight for my body type because i didnt have to try had to stay at that weight. After college graduation and moving back home and stress about getting a job and boyfriend problems i ended up gaining weight and stayed at about 165lbs before i found out i was pregnant i was already 14 weeks and from there abously the weight only went up. Im 40 weeks + 1 day and i weigh 194lbs. All in all i have gained 25 lbs to me thats a lot even though they say its normal to gain 20lbs based on my height and age but all i can think about is how hard its going to be to loss all of it after the baby. 

Since im over due and they are trying to induce me on the 2nd of july im super nervice and trying to get the baby to come so i dont have to worry about getting meds that are only going to make the pain worst. I think this a good time to start my blog up again and document the end of the pregnancy and most importanly the weight loss journey i will be going on to loss the baby weight stay along and hope you injoy the posts. 

I will update once the baby gets here and of you out there strugglying to naturaly induce ur labor im there with you ive been walking and doing stuff on the exercise ball. They say nipple stimualtion ive been doing thay here and there. The other day i finally decided to try the castor oil i was sceptical in terms of the effect since it is a laxitive. But i gave it a try anyway yesterday 6/25 here is how it went i took around 1pm 2tbs with orange juice fallowed by alot a gatorate simple bc i was scared of getting dehydrated if i did get the runs lol. Everything was good 3 oclock came and nothing at 5 oclock went to my mother inlaws house to have dinner everything was good at 6:30 as soon as the hubby and i got home i had the runs nothing crazy but we had just eaten so i think thats what really triggered the bathroom run. I only had to use the bathroom twice nothing crazy it dis clean me out bc later that night i felt conctepated. At around 12 that night i was getting pain on my back it was worst than the fake contractions they say you get bc i would stand up walk around sit down and the pain wouldnt go away. I couldnt steep from the on and off pain that came so random until 4 am when i made myself sleep through the pain. This morning i have no pain nothing new so i think the castor oil semi worked but not enough to cause me to get labor pains like should. Im giving it a second try simply bc i did feel it did somthing and myabe the second will be the lucky try. Ill post again sepretly about the second try for those who care and those who dont well you dont have to read it. 

Thanks for ready ill make sure to let everyone know how it goes 


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