Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 2 castor oil

This is the quick update i promised took the castor oil this morning at 11:00am same way 2 tablespoons with orange juice the funny part about it is that it didnt taste bad this time around i actually didnt even mind it anyways... About 2 hours later i did have to use the bathroom nothing too horrible did get the runs. Than again at around 3 the runs nothing bad and that was it. Havent felt and unusuale contractions or pain its already 9 pm so i think its safe to say it didnt work with me. Ill give it a rest dont want to get dehydrated or anything like so i might just wait until tuesday give it a go and see if by than mu body is a little closer to wanted to open and it might just give it that push it needs.

Im moving on to try the evening primerose oil which clames to help soften the cervix similar to what sperm would do ive read you insert two capsules vaginaly and leave it over night and its suppose to help. Some people even took it oraly as well but i think thats a bit much with me testing my stomach out i think ill stick to vaginaly and see how that works put ill be doing it everynight until thursday when i should be getting induced hopefully ill have a baby before that. Wish me luck ill update again of anything happens from here until thursday if not ill update on how the induction went and my experiance with it.

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