Monday, November 28, 2011

letting things come slow

i started an account on youtube makeing videos regarding my weight and  i had joined a challenge but than i gave up and i think i have given up on this blog as well. I dont know i think sometimes i am so focused on posting and staying up to date that i dont focus on myself and my happenes and how i am feeling so i am taking a brake from challenges and goals and i will be on my blog but more to track my progress but the post will be less personal i dont know how long i will stay away but i think this break is much needed.

for thanksgiving i went home 1 week and things did get as bad as i had thought because i gained weight and didnt track or care what was put in my mouth i ate out everyday. ate so much fast food and ate for like 2 people but let me just say that i will move on from that epic fail and i will continue to do as i always do here in school

i gained 5 lbs CW: 162 my last weigh in before leaving for thanksgiving 157

sucks because you all know how hard it is to lose 5 lbs and in one week i gaind it all right back i am so mad but i have no one to blame but myself and well i have to learn from my mistakes in order to make sure i dont gain this much weight or even more during christmas ufff  i am so scared and i dont know how things will workout out but ill let things be as they will


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