Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have been MIA for sometime now. I have no excuses other than the fact that i have not been staying on track and i have gained weight...not as bad as it seems im at 161lbs. More or less i am still at a good weight to restart this weight loss journey....I have been really down this week for different reasones mainly the brake i just went through with my boyfriend and the worst part is that i am back in school and i feel down and sad. Hopefully i can overcome all this and focus on school and losing weight i think this is exactly what i will be doing eating, breathing and living school and weight loss. I have not yet though about what exactly i will be doing because i do want to head to the gym but, the only big issue is that its winter and i dont know how good i will be with getting up early and heading to the cold cold cold outdoors and walk to the gym....i have to be realistic and i wont know any of my plans untill i go through one entire week of school and see when i have time and all that. I thought i would come on here and document THE NEW BEGINING...Today, ill probably be blogging alot more know that the boyfriend isnt in the picture there will be alot of pictures and expresssion of my feelings. Im done hiding my face and being emberresed because i know at the every end i will be in a different place in life and i will look back and be proud to no be the same person.....I am being more open know and i want all of the readers reading this to hit me up ask questions and i will be answering and i hope that i will be adding alot of intresting things to my blog  and keep it up to date......Thanks for all those who are still fallowing and those who stop by here and there WISH ME LUCK :)


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