Friday, January 27, 2012


I was hopeing that this semester in school would be amazing and i would finish up my required classes and right smoothly to my junior year.But things are not turning out this way, I have been faced with problem after problem with classes and know with money BLAHHH. I have finaly realized i was puting too much pressure on myself to get everything donw and instead of helping it was hurting me and so i decided to take a step back and slow down. With this said i am hopeing to focus more on the minimal amout of classes i am taking and fit extercise into my daily routine without any excuses.

I have been feeling super tired this week and im thinking that once i start extercising it might help bring up my energy level. This is the 3rd or 4th time im restarting the weight loss and who ever does read this blog post is probably thinking here we go again how long is this girl going to last. Well hello there reader, i have my ups and downs like everyone else i will fail but i will get back one my feet. Sooner or later i will reach my goals and once i reach them i will never look back.

on another note im missing home so much and my birthday is comeing up and not having many friends makes me feel depressed instead of happy and excited. I hope i can get through these next couple of weeks and just get used to being back in school and let go of the home sick feeling.



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