Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Well hello world....i am still alive and doing better than ever. I have been keeping myself out of blogging and all that because i have to keep my focus on school. And to be truthful i have been running like a chicken without a head going here and there and always on the go. However loves that has not stoped me from focusing on losing the weight i do regret a couple of things but most of all i regret the time that i have let go of. Its been about 2 weeks since i started school along with my weight loss journey and i wish i could be farther along and all but hey i knew from the begining that the journey was not going to be short and that i needed to put alot of work into it. I am seeing some changes not big ones but something is better than nothing.

ok so lets get to the real deal of the post....I am here to do an official weigh in....Guess i have some fantastic news my weight as of today Tuesday morning 154 lbs...Awsome right that is an 8 lbs weight loss. Im hoping i can continue to loss weight this 2 weeks that fallow because if i know my body corectly first i loss alot and than i dont. Im crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

The only bad news like i had mentioned i have not been extercising the way i should i have not taken one single step into the gym but im trying to rap my head around it and i have to rethink alot of things regarding my schedule and all so i'm hopeing some changes will arrive soon. I know that without fully commiting to extercise my weight will either stay the same or it will go up....And There Is No Way I Will Let That Happen.

I dont want to end the blog on a bad note so i will let you guys all know MY BIRTHDAY IS THIS THURSDAY....UMMMM AND THIS GIRL IS TURNING 20. I am glad that i am making changes before i see the 20's because as soon as i loss this weight i will be living my life to the fullest and my 20's should be the greatest years of my life. WELL LOVES UNTILL NEXT POST...TAKE CARE AND REMEMBER INNER BEAUTY SHOULD SOON REFLECT ON THE OUTSIDE.


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