Tuesday, February 28, 2012

30 Day Shred

Today i decided i wold start the 30 day shret. I started today on level 1 and im telling you for all you who have never tryed it trust me it is a butt kicking workout. I was doing it and some time during the end i was like i need to take a brake which really that ment im done with it. But than i thought really this workout is only 20 minutes and you cant finish it....really...so i pushed myself and guess what at the end of it i felt accomplished and i think if i push myself like i did today i will finish this 30 day shred and kick some butt. Also i dont remember if i mentioned this before but hey this week has been going great because i have started to include workout into my daily routine and no im not only talking about the 30 day shred i am  class, from one class to another, from class back to my room or if im heading to a meeting and so farth.

But on friday i was board in my room taking a brake from studying and i was like ok gaby you are at 151lbs..why not try on some of the clothing that used to not fit?? ok so i go i try on some shorts i have that used to be tight and you know what they did fit and some were even loose.  but here is the issue i was proud that i could fit into the shorts however i still even with them fitting loose had a big big big muffin top. Really that is the last thing i needed to loss the weight and still have a hudge belly. The next day, on saterday i started to workout. Ive been doing some zumba and i loved it. But im not sure exactly where im heading but i do know....I need to workout if i want to have a flat stomach and no loose skin.

One of my biggest fears is to loss the weight and still have loose skin. I think its not too late to start toneing im not so focues on arms and legs but with the 30 day shred it does adress those areas so that a big plus. Ill be doing updates on the weight like always on the weekend but i can already see that this week will be a good one because i started great and i think i will contiue to push through the lazyness and focus on the UGW.

Ill post some before 30 day shred pictures took keep track if there are any changes.


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