Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sharing some new information

Hey stopping by my blog to check up on everyones progress and i have been seeing great results. I wanted to share some news if you guys...I STARTED A TUMBLR.....its kind of weird because blogging was new to me and i still havent really gotten a perfect hold of it and i took a hudge step forward and decided to start a tumblr because i was browsing around and found so many "fitspos" and weight loss related tumblr blogs. And i have to admit they game me so much motivation and i love looking and finding photos to express exactly how i feel and think. So i wanted all you to check it out i started it today so there hasnt been alot of progress but soon it will be better and i dont know i hope this will motivate me to put 100% into my weight loss.

I will continue to post updated here because this is what i consider my diary and i will continue to post lots of pictures here. With that i will let you guys go lov u all


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