Thursday, February 23, 2012


WELP......i have been missing i know and i take full responsability.....Life is getting crazy and even though i should be stressed im starting to learn how to deal with issues and move on. The week has been crazy and it will soon be even more insane but i am getting prepared to work like crazy and make sure things get done. #collegestudentproblems ^__^ ( one day at a time)

On another note....I recently had the most amazing weekend. The boyfriend came to visit and even though we didnt go out staying in and watching movies was way more amazing and it was much needed. Long distance relationships are hard and whenever i get to see him i make sure i take full adventage. we had been fighting over dumb things a couple days before he came but as soon as he got here everything was forgotten. Ok so the only down fall about the visit was that we ended up eating so badly and even though i knew i could do better regarding food choices i dont regret it at all because i had the best time ever. The good thing is that i regrouped myself and that very same monday i got right back on track and it turned into not being a big deal. Im starting to see growth in myself on other occations as you guys have seen from my blog as soon as a mess up i tell myself ok you messed up so you might as well eat the entire week badly.....BUT NOT THIS TIME......

If you guys have been reading my last couple of posts i have not set up a list of goals simply because the first time around they didnt work and as i looked over them some were unrealistic and also as everyone knows there are going to be issues during the journey and crazy stuff happens. So basically i kind of hopeing to fallow a healthy goal of losing 2 lbs per week (more or less).

Here is what my weight has been looking like this last couple of weeks or should i say the month of February. I went through ups and downs. weighed in this morning and that will be included in the below list CHECK IT OUT

Feb 01---156
Feb 9---153

Ahhhhhh....i was so close to being under 150.....i will accomplish that dont worry with time and comitment i will make it
hope everyone has a wonderful week/weekend hope to update soon and lov u all


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