Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Success

Hey everyone hope everyones weekend was as great as mine. This is a long post but i have much to say.

Saterday was day 5 of the 30 day shred. It was great i didnt feel any more pain from the prevouse day so i was able to do the strength training without any pain. So i also have some other news. On the weekends i dont go to the gym simply because there is way too many people and i hate figuering out what to do until a machine is free. However i really wanted to continue my strive with the workout so i didnt want to just suddenly stop. So i was looking through the workout videos i have and i came across one called Shape AB's. So i gave that one a try.

Ok first of all i want to say i didnt like it. Here is why, there is a cardio part and i gave it a try but it was way to hard to fallow and it went fast so i didnt like it at all. The only good things about this video workout was the ab section it was amazing it works every AB and i loved it. I dont think i will be doing the cardio part but whenever i want to work on my AB's i will reach for this video.

After hopeing for a good workout and not getting it i thought i would grab another video and give it a try. My sister gave me the Brazilian butt lift system and its been sitting on my desk and i never really took a look at it. So i grabbed it and read everything that came with it. I came to the conclution that i am lossing my butt and this video could possible help me to shape it and all that good stuff. Im fallowing the Lift & Shape workout schedule, the week starts monday through saterday with a rest day on sundays. I decided to give mondays workout a try to see exactly what i was getting myself into. So mondays workout is the Bum Bum.

The workout was crazy it had me sweating and hurting and i almost wanted to give up. But i didnt i pushed through and i felt great about it.

Today, Sunday
i did the Bum Bum workout again and my legs are hurting from it but i think that shows its working. After that i did the AB section of the Shape video. Later in the afternoon i did day 6 of the 30 day shred, it was great i loved it i pushed through it and i worked hard and i was sweating and i was feeling great.

I dont know but im really into the whole working out thing. Its weard because as you guys know i had not workout the entire time ive been on the weight loss journey, and know im so into it. I dont know i hope it last for a long time because it gets me up and going. The only thing im worried and in some kind of way stressing about it heading home on friday knowing that i could possibly slip and fall of the weight loss wagon. I dont want to so i will try my hardest because i love the path i am heading in and i dont want to take backward steps.

by the way did i mention my relationship with the scale is no longer the same. I only step on it the day of the weigh in which are now fridays. This shows improvement because im no longer obsessing over the weight and stuff. Im more worried about the changes i see in my body.

Ill be doing a post soon about the great results im seeing. AAHhh stay tuned

With that i let you guys go, hope everyone has a great week ill be posting as much as i can. Keep up the great work.


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