Saturday, March 24, 2012


Wow is it crazy or what that march has gone so fast and i feel as though i had no improvement ro any significant progress but again i think that is all in my head.

i konw, i have not been on my page in a couple of weeks, but the good thing is that its not because i was hiding or ashamed of anything. In actuality i have been doing great....

Let me start out with the bad news and than head into the awesome stuff. In my last post i had wrote about feeling worried that i would go home and gain weight. Well when i went home i ate horrible some days i would to portions and other days i wouldnt care. However i did do workouts during my week at home, i would walk/run with my sister in the mornings and i continued my 30 day shred program. I did feel as though i gained weight during the week of spring brake but i didnt even check my weight.

I came to school on a last sunday, this monday that passed i started exactly how i left off before spring brake hopeing that if i did gain weight i would loss and be back to where i was by this weekend.

This whole week i went to the gym every single morning and worked out for 1 hour. I finished day 17-20 of 30 day shred level 2 and starting monday ill be starting level 3. Ive decided i have been working my body way hard this week and before it gives up on me i will let it rest this weekend.

Ok i know this post is long and all you guys want to know is where am i at with my weight loss.

Well i weighed in this friday at 147.6 lbs. Ok guys that number is amazing and im proud that i have made it so far and i can see some changes in my body and my energy level. However i have to push harder than ever because its as though i feel that my body doesnt want to move from this number and as i get closer to my goal weight it gets harder.

The plan i have right know is to continue what i have been doing the remaining of March. Switch things up a little in April. Starting a new workout other than 30 day shred. The goal for April is to reach 140 lbs. I will be checking in every friday on this page so stay tuned. Hope everyones March has been great and keep up the great work sooner or later your body is going to go along with the work you put in.


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