Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Its been a week and some time since that last time i did an update. Things have been crazy with juggling everything and making sure i stay on track with school and with the weight loss.

Quick update Friday 3/30 i weighed in at 144 lbs which is a 3 lb lose from the last time i updated. That is amazing so i left march with a high note...Just a reminder my goal for APRIL is to get down to 140lbs...I have changed a couple things up so here is a quick list of those things.
1) I stoped doing the 30 day shred...It was amazing and i liked it but i wasnt seeing the results i was looking for and also i was getting board of it. (im thinking of visisting this workout once i get down to my UGW)

2) Ive still been going to the gym every morning on the eliptical 60min (interval). The last week in march i started to do 30 min on the tredmill (interval of walking and runing) and than 30 min on the eliptical( intervals)

3) ive also started to do not doing hard core or starting the program completely im only doing it when i have time and when im in the mood. (lol)

4) the most important of all...I talked to my Father about uping my monthly allowance so that i can start buying fresh food instead of buying school food. We did the math and it came out to be about the same amount. So last week i started buying fresh things and every weekend im stocking up. take this from me serously...EATING FRESH IS THE WAY TO GO...ive felt a big difference with alot of things. I dont feel bloated anymore, i feel like i have more energy, and i feel good knowing im not eating processed foods. Ive been trying to eat alot of greens because i herd that flashes your system out and i think its working but either way i love it.

This was a long update like always and i promise i will be trying to do more quick updates and keep all of you informed with what is going on. One big difference i think you will notice is that i have been focusing alot on the weight loss but i need to swich things up because school has been suffering and so i need to but weight loss on the side burner and but school first. As soon as school is over in May i will go hard core on weight loss and so lets see how things go.

Hope you all are having awesome results...stick with it...The end results are the best results for all the hardwork you put in ...and always remember give your body a rest before your body gives up on you.. one day of eating wrong wont kill you..take it and learn and move on. Lov you all


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