Saturday, April 21, 2012


So like ive said over and over again if i had to give any advice to those starting out or those who are going through stressful moments like i am right now. Eat healthy: healthy to me includes a small portion of protein with each meal and alot of veggies. And most of all Drink lots and lots of water.

here is an example of what my day would be like
Times would vary so i wouldnt exactly know

Gym (6:30) ( elliptical 60 min) usually i burn 700cal or 650

breakfest ( this changes alot but usually a boiled egg with avacado and veggies sandwich)

Early Lunch ( usually this changes: when i have a long day i eat a bagel toasted with a very small amount of cream cheese, on my shorter days i will eat 2 different fruits ( strawberries, banana, kiwi, apple, orange)

snack: I normally grab some string cheese, nuts, or another fruit

Late Lunch: (3:00) this is always always always at 3pm: This changes a lot depending on what i cook or what i have available in my fridge. an example is a small portion of grilled skinless chicken breast with a medium size salad (tomatoes, cucumber, romane lettuce, avacado lemon juice)

Dinner: (6:00) i usually try to eat at 6 or 7: This changes as well but usally its the same as my late Lunch i cook enough food for two servings and i eat one serving late lunch and one for dinner
**and if for some reason which only seems to happen during my "TOM" days i end up getting cravings or feeling not full later at night around 8 or 9 i eat a late night snack usually i grab fruit or recently i baught some string cheese and i usually grab that.

Im not affraid to feed my body when i feel i am truly hungry only because i know my choices are healthy and i never count calories i guess you could but thats not the type of lifestyle i want i just want to be able to rely on my own instinct
weekends are a different story weekends are my days off because i like to confuse my body usually on weekends i eat heavier meals and i dont workout. I still eat healthy but i usually replace the salad with brown rice and instead of my regular protein i change it to a higher calory protein such as beef susage or ground turkey or fish. Sometimes i go with whole wheat pasta with all natural tomatoe souce and i eat this in portions. But like i said this changes alot and depends on what i have available.

I go grociery shopping every week to get fresh veggies and fruits. I used to always buys food on campus and i would choose somewhat healthy foods but i noticed that i spend the same amount buying food everday than i do buying grocery everyweek. So money wise its the same and i feel better know that i eat alot healthier. Im in no way an expert in what you should eat and i think you should focus on buying things that YOU enjoy. By buying thing i enjoy i dont feel like im starving myself or forceing myself to eat things i dont like this helps me avoid binge eating even on weekends "my days off" i dont go out and buy some fast food or anything Like i said i change it up and eat things i like such as pasta and rice.

This was a long post i hope i was able to give you guys some ideas of what could work for you guys. It all takes time nothing is easy and remember results should come slowly.

if you guys have any questions or comments please dont be shy i will answer any questions. Have an awesome week.


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