Friday, April 13, 2012

weight in Friday

today i had one of the worst days of my life i was in pain this morning with no clue why and ended up staying up all morning from like 2 to 7am with pain and than having to go to class for an exam and a presentation. Longest day ever and i have to admit im feeling so much better now.

As for my weight loss i have good and bad news....This morning i weighed in at 141.2 thats so good but here is where the bad news come in...I was 141.4 last friday and than easter weekend happened. I ate super horrible i knew i had gained weight and i decided not to weigh myself because it would make my week sour and all that. So i basically am back to where i was one week ago. you could see it both as good and bad but ill take it and move forward.

The goal for April i had setup for myself was 140 i think if i continue to go in the same direction ive been going for the last 2 months i should be past 140 by the end of April so i decided to change my goal to 135 lbs im shooting very high but i hope i can atleast be 135 by the second week in May which by the way is my last week in college and than summer vacation for me :)

hope you all had a great week and enjoy your weekend i know i will be studying alot so wish me luck.


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