Friday, April 6, 2012

Weigh in Friday!!!

So friday is here and i woke up feeling amazing. I steped on the scale and found out im at 141.4lbs that is a 3.4lbs loss from last week...Can you imagen the smile that was on my face this morning. Well this made my day and it pushed me to do better at the gym. Im improving everyday and trying to push myself to do better in my workouts.

I think what has been helping with the weight loss like i mentioned last time.... is my eating habits. Im focusing on sticking with fresh products alot of vegtebles and less carbs. I dont have much to say but i will continue to post and keep everyone updated. Im sure by next weekend i will have some new pictures to post so watch for that.

Did i mention my boyfriend is visiting this weekend. Super excited and at the same time worried how horribly im going to end up eating. But its ok i need days off anyways so i wont stress and as soon as he heads home which will be sunday afternoon i will be back on track and hopefully have awesome news next friday.


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