Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weight update

Hey my blogger friends.....Ive been stressing like crazy this week and i cant seem to focus but the good thing is that school is over in 3 weeks which i realize will be the most stressful weeks ever but than i will have 1 month free and at home before i have to come back and take a summer class but anyways

This friday i weighed in at 138.8lbs last week i was at 141.2 thats 2.4 lb down which is awesome you guys

Like i said stress has been affecting me and truthfully i missed about 5 days of working out and to make things worst "TOM" came and everything went down down hill regarding working out and having the energy to do anything. But the good thing which i think helped me still loss weight regardless of working out or not is eating super duper healthy.

**check out my next post i will be talking about what i eat and some things that i think are helpful**


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