Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finals week

This week has been nooooo good. I have finals to study for and the stress level has serously been at its all time high. I have noticed that i have been eating like crazy and my excuss is i have not time bla bla bla but i shouldnt come on i have come so far to suddely give up because i am faced with problems.

And to add to the stress level i broke up with the boyfriend. It wasn't a fight or anything it was almost like a mutual understanding that things where just not working out. Serously though this guy is the lov of my life so im sure this is not going to last. Normally we end up being friends, fixing our problems and end up back together but lets see where this takes us.

basically i came on here to do a weigh in since i did one on tuesday. This morning i was 136.4 lbs that is a .4 gain, as soon as finals are over i have to focus because im so close to my goal weight and im not ready to give up. Lets hope that by next tuesday i will see some changes and if not at least i can say i am 43 lbs down from the begining so i cant be mad or upset.

hope you all have an awesome week.


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