Saturday, June 30, 2012


Im sorry to all those who are still reading and are wondering where has this girl been. I suck at updateing and especially in the last month. Last time i checked in i was talking about being back in college for a summer class and being so happy to be back because i was going to be able to focus on weight loss...The goal i set up was that by the end of the first week in july i would be 130 lbs.

Well here is my sucks....Really ive been stressing with school like crazy who knew summer classes would be this stressful well now i know what to expect and i can really say i have been having to focus on school and not so much on lossing weight. Basically this month was about focusing on school and i feel unacumplished i wish i could come on here and say o i did so good in school and i was able to reach my weight loss goal. But here i am realizing i only have one week left at school and than i will find myself being home.

dont get me wrong i still have all the time in the world to loss the last 20lbs but i know that as soon i go home instead of lossing i end up gaining and that just sucks and i know being home is my weekness and i need to work on that but its not easy.

But enough about me feeling down about waisting all june because it was waisted in regards to weight loss but thankfully i have spent my time focusing on my class and not just being lazy and so thats a little better. for most of june i have not extercised the way i should have but i did manage to keep my food intake extremly healthy, however this week that past i was feeling depressed and i ate food i knew i shouldnt have, and for that reason i have decided to go on an all vegtable and fruit no meat or processed food schedule for my last week here. I was watching a movie yesterday and it inspired me to do some kind of a clense and i think this will give me the boost i need to continue focusing on my weight loss. It was called "FAT SICK AND DEING" something like that and this one guy ended up doing a juicing for 90 days and his healthy really improved and well i was planning on doing something similar but i need to first buy a juicer and be sure buying veggies and fruits is on my budget especially when i get home. But ill figure it out once i have to cross that bridge as for now since i dont have a juice i will only focus on eating the whole fruit and veggies. Wish me luck and i will keep all of you updated on how this is going so far its only going to be for one week and depending on how i feel about it i might continue it at home but ill have to see how i feel.


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