Thursday, June 7, 2012


Ive been gone for about 1 month and im sorry because i feel as though i tend to do that alot i get on here and than out of no where i drop of the earth :)...This time i was just in vacation mode and didnt feel like updating mainly because my weight loss went down hill. I was home for 1 month i went from being 136 to 142. Im frustrated because i worked so freaking hard to get down to 136 it took me over 2 months and than in less than 1 month i went way up and here i am at 142lbs regreting every day i waisted.

However right know im taking a summer class back in school for 1 month and im focused and ready to drop 10lbs this means i would be 132lbs by july. Ive been back in school and doing my regular routine since Tuesday june 5th. I have set up such a big goal with the 10 lbs so i realized i need to work extra hard and focus and give all i have. So far the week has been amazing except for "TOM" has arrived and i have been bloating like crazy and craving and all that fun stuff.

My workout routine

I have classes early in the morning so i wake up at 5am and go for a 1hr walk/run. I walk half the time and run the other half. From 7-12 im in class. I go to the gym for 1hr in the afternoon. And finally at night i do the 30 day shred. (im on day 3)

Im not counting calories i have never nor will i start...I listen to my body and feed it accordingly i try to eat every 2 to 3 hours 4 meals 2 snacks. I eat more protein and carbs know that i workout alot more because i need the energy and also i need to give my muscles the right nutrients. So with that said i am taking a multivitamine pill its the 1 a Day Women's.

Thats it for know im probably going to weight in fridays. Also ill be posting some updated pictures and im keeping track of measurments for the 30 Day Shred. Heres to me being back and to all of you who are doing so great...lets accomplish all these goals and kick some butt!!!


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