Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hey everyone, This is my last week with finals and finally once i go home for 1 month i will be able to focus 100% on weigth loss well actually not 100% but close enough i will be working which sucks because i work at DD....too many temptations....and i will also be takeing an online class but for the most part i will be working out and keeping up with the healthy eating. Check out the tab with my pictures, scroll down and i added two new photos because i want to continue keeping track of my progress there hasnt been much. I have stuck between 157-155 some days are better than others but i hope i can finally see 154 on the scale some time soon. Keep checking in i will continue to post as much as i can. Hopeing everyone is still doing good on the wieght loss keep looking forward and things will happen slow but surely :)


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