Sunday, December 11, 2011


i have been all over the place this week finishing homework starting projects studying for finals. My heads seem to not be in the right place regarding losing weight but i have been eating healthy except for this friday i am starting to run short on the money i have and well i ended up getting 6 burgers form the doller menue but mind you i did not eat them the same day. It ate 3 that friday and 3 that saterday. Today sunday well i have no idea what i will be eating i might have to take out my noodle soups. I was dreading the idea of steping on the scale because like i just said i have not been focusing much if at all on the weight loss and well i have come on here to give a quick update. I have been trying to reach my goal of getting to 145 but that is far from happening i was hopeing to get there by christmas...not happening lets try and see if i can make it by new years that would be awsome to start fresh and at a good weight. by time i get to 145 i will be at a healthe BMI but my ultimate goal is to get in the 130's by summer.

I wanted to mention to you guys that i downloaded an app omg amazing like i said i have been running like crazy and i dont have to time to keep things on track but with this app i have been keeping track of my weight almost daily to see the difference and stuff ****quick mention i was PMSing this week so the weight when up and down**** The apps name is Simple Weight Recording**** the name says it all it is simple to use and it shows you a graph of how your weight moves and also it gives you your BMI with every entry and the best part it keeps count of how much weight you have lost from the very beging and how far away you are from your goal weight, and also the difference from the prevous weight entry.

Dec. 1: 163****28.9
Dec. 7: 159****28.2
Dec. 11: 156***27.7
Weight goal: 130 lbs
Diff from goal: 26.6 lbs
Total loss: 21.4  lbs

ok so i am doing good and i am on track too bad this was the weight i was at before i went home for thanksgiving and i eneded up gaining 5 lbs and so i am back to 156 but this is my last week in school and than i am heading home for 1 month i pray i lose weight instead of gaining. But who knows guys wish me luck and im wishing luck upon you guys too everyone focus and stay on track. I cant weight for christmas except for the food.


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