Friday, January 27, 2012


I was hopeing that this semester in school would be amazing and i would finish up my required classes and right smoothly to my junior year.But things are not turning out this way, I have been faced with problem after problem with classes and know with money BLAHHH. I have finaly realized i was puting too much pressure on myself to get everything donw and instead of helping it was hurting me and so i decided to take a step back and slow down. With this said i am hopeing to focus more on the minimal amout of classes i am taking and fit extercise into my daily routine without any excuses.

I have been feeling super tired this week and im thinking that once i start extercising it might help bring up my energy level. This is the 3rd or 4th time im restarting the weight loss and who ever does read this blog post is probably thinking here we go again how long is this girl going to last. Well hello there reader, i have my ups and downs like everyone else i will fail but i will get back one my feet. Sooner or later i will reach my goals and once i reach them i will never look back.

on another note im missing home so much and my birthday is comeing up and not having many friends makes me feel depressed instead of happy and excited. I hope i can get through these next couple of weeks and just get used to being back in school and let go of the home sick feeling.


Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have been MIA for sometime now. I have no excuses other than the fact that i have not been staying on track and i have gained weight...not as bad as it seems im at 161lbs. More or less i am still at a good weight to restart this weight loss journey....I have been really down this week for different reasones mainly the brake i just went through with my boyfriend and the worst part is that i am back in school and i feel down and sad. Hopefully i can overcome all this and focus on school and losing weight i think this is exactly what i will be doing eating, breathing and living school and weight loss. I have not yet though about what exactly i will be doing because i do want to head to the gym but, the only big issue is that its winter and i dont know how good i will be with getting up early and heading to the cold cold cold outdoors and walk to the gym....i have to be realistic and i wont know any of my plans untill i go through one entire week of school and see when i have time and all that. I thought i would come on here and document THE NEW BEGINING...Today, ill probably be blogging alot more know that the boyfriend isnt in the picture there will be alot of pictures and expresssion of my feelings. Im done hiding my face and being emberresed because i know at the every end i will be in a different place in life and i will look back and be proud to no be the same person.....I am being more open know and i want all of the readers reading this to hit me up ask questions and i will be answering and i hope that i will be adding alot of intresting things to my blog  and keep it up to date......Thanks for all those who are still fallowing and those who stop by here and there WISH ME LUCK :)

Monday, January 2, 2012


wow long time since the last post!!! i have so much stuff to update on here......ready.....Let me start of by telling you guys how my christmas and new years was. Christmas was fun for the most part on the 24th we whent to my sisters house and had a big family reunion and did a gift exchange and for the first time in 4 years my boyfriend went with me and oficialy met the family :) the only thing that sucked was that i had to work the next morning but it was well worth it because the check was, money, money......For new years we had a family get together as well even though we didnt stay until 12 but it was fun seeing the cousins and laughing so much, the boyfriend didnt go and i didnt get to see him and it was weird starting the new year without him :( we got into a fight over what? i wouldnt know...And the next morning the 1st i worked. So as you can all see the pattern of my life right know i work work work. Right know things are way crazy i wake up at 5:30 head to work come home 3:30 work on my online class, take a nap, and than around 8 or 9 i go out to see the boyfriend head home at 10 and fall asleep to start my day again.....with all that said i have not been working on losing weight at all...bad choice but know that the new year is here and im heading back to school on the 20th i am ready to start over and stay on the right track to wonderland...( if it excits)....YOU GUYS GUESSED IT MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION IS TO LOSE WEIGHT...MORE SPECIFICALY 30 LBS.

the weight right know as of this morning 158 lbs.. that is not bad at all given the fact that i have not been working out or watching what i eat...but most of all because i work at DD (dunkin donuts)..good news is i have not touched any donut there and i think the reason why i have not gained much weight is because my schedule like said is all over the place and i find myself eating once or twice and sometimes im so tired or stressed that i dont eat i think i can start this journey by setting a specific time when i can extercise even if its just here at my house for 1 hour most likely i will dance around and do some weight or excersie videos i have.

I will begin to blog once again not everyday but here and there and for weigh ins but this time around i will weight in every 2 weeks and once im in school trust me i will get my butt back in gear and i will head to the gym rain or snow

OMG i cant believe i didnt mention this earlier but for the new year i thought why not start the year with a big bang...soo i got a haircut with a completly different style than what i normaly go for... Im a layered long simple haircut....I stuck to the long layered part but i went for the BANGS....adding some drama to my look and i have been thinking about setting some goals and once i reach them i will reward or do something new.

i know for sure one of them which will probably be the last one will be to cut my hair in a BOB....something short and cute that will show off my face. Another one will be rewarding myself with either a gym membership or kickboxing classes once im home for the summer. Another will be something simple like buying a makeup kit i have been the way i never wear makeup so i think that would be a good reward....and for sure i will be giving myself a shopping trip once i reach my goal weight, i will get a joicer or something nutricianal that will help my weight loss.

nothing is set in stone yet but i will make something official once i make up my mind and i will make a set of goals not like before...reach a weight at this i think i will do weight intervals once i reach losing 10lbs, 15lbs, 20 lbs, 25 lbs, 30 lbs.

Any ideas i would love to hear and im looking forward to new things to come and reading everyones blog and I WISH EVERYONE A WONDERFUL 2012!!! LETS MAKE IT COUNT..

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