Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hey everyone, This is my last week with finals and finally once i go home for 1 month i will be able to focus 100% on weigth loss well actually not 100% but close enough i will be working which sucks because i work at DD....too many temptations....and i will also be takeing an online class but for the most part i will be working out and keeping up with the healthy eating. Check out the tab with my pictures, scroll down and i added two new photos because i want to continue keeping track of my progress there hasnt been much. I have stuck between 157-155 some days are better than others but i hope i can finally see 154 on the scale some time soon. Keep checking in i will continue to post as much as i can. Hopeing everyone is still doing good on the wieght loss keep looking forward and things will happen slow but surely :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011


i have been all over the place this week finishing homework starting projects studying for finals. My heads seem to not be in the right place regarding losing weight but i have been eating healthy except for this friday i am starting to run short on the money i have and well i ended up getting 6 burgers form the doller menue but mind you i did not eat them the same day. It ate 3 that friday and 3 that saterday. Today sunday well i have no idea what i will be eating i might have to take out my noodle soups. I was dreading the idea of steping on the scale because like i just said i have not been focusing much if at all on the weight loss and well i have come on here to give a quick update. I have been trying to reach my goal of getting to 145 but that is far from happening i was hopeing to get there by christmas...not happening lets try and see if i can make it by new years that would be awsome to start fresh and at a good weight. by time i get to 145 i will be at a healthe BMI but my ultimate goal is to get in the 130's by summer.

I wanted to mention to you guys that i downloaded an app omg amazing like i said i have been running like crazy and i dont have to time to keep things on track but with this app i have been keeping track of my weight almost daily to see the difference and stuff ****quick mention i was PMSing this week so the weight when up and down**** The apps name is Simple Weight Recording**** the name says it all it is simple to use and it shows you a graph of how your weight moves and also it gives you your BMI with every entry and the best part it keeps count of how much weight you have lost from the very beging and how far away you are from your goal weight, and also the difference from the prevous weight entry.

Dec. 1: 163****28.9
Dec. 7: 159****28.2
Dec. 11: 156***27.7
Weight goal: 130 lbs
Diff from goal: 26.6 lbs
Total loss: 21.4  lbs

ok so i am doing good and i am on track too bad this was the weight i was at before i went home for thanksgiving and i eneded up gaining 5 lbs and so i am back to 156 but this is my last week in school and than i am heading home for 1 month i pray i lose weight instead of gaining. But who knows guys wish me luck and im wishing luck upon you guys too everyone focus and stay on track. I cant weight for christmas except for the food.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


ive been missing for some time but i have been behind the screen still checking how everyone is doing and i see such great things going on with everyone. Well i have some good and bad news and a little of rambling but here i go. The bad news is that i lost all motivation after i came back to school from thanksgiving brake as i had mentioned i was doing youtube videos and was posting updates and all that but after realising how bad i did back home i decided that the reason i think i did so bad is because i never had a good reason to loss weight besides to be happy and look good which are good reasons but not good enough to keep me away from the bad food and poor decisions i make when i am faced with temptation. For example let me explain to you guys something that not even i came to realise. When i am in college i could say i am faced with temptation but not really because i choose what places to step into when i go buy my lunch and my dinner. However when i am home most of the time i dont get to decide what my mom cooks, where my boyfriend decided to eat. So when i was placed in situations such as these i brake down and give up on my diet. So basically what i am trying to say is that i realised i have no self control and i dont have the motivation i need.

Quick confesion as soon as i realised i had gained weight over thanksgiving i gave up even worst and i ate horrible in school and my mind was thinking well i already messed up might as well enjoy it HORRIBLE WAY OF THINKING AND I KNOW THAT BUT THAT DIDNT STOP ME I ATE AND ATE AND ATE WITHOUT ANY CARE IN THE WORLD. but yesterday as i sat here on my computer seeing how everyone is doing so great and everyone has their ups and downs i decided that i cant giveup there is no way i have worked my butt off to get to the weight i am at right know to let it go because of mistakes. I have restart and renew everything. so here i am again and even though i cant say that weight loss will be my main focus because this next two weeks school is actually going to be my main focus because finals are here and i need to study like crazy and pull some all nighters which are not good for your health but sometimes i have no options.

ok so i dont have an actual plan like i did before. I dont want to set up goals i think all i am going to do is let things happen i will be weighting in weekly and seeing if there is any progress i will be doing body shots every 3 weeks depending how much weight i loss or whatever. I will be coming on here and posting random things such as how i think im doing or if i find something fun or intresting to put up. i dont think i will be doing youtube videos or anything like for know i think i will let you guys know about if i decide to do some or whatever i decide to do. For now i will be low key like i said letting things happen. I will be watching what i eat but not religiously like i did before.

Also i have to mention i will be going home on december 16 for christmas brake. I will be home for 1 month and i am scared but i will try this time around to do alot better i am thinking of either joing the gym or taking some kickboxing classes with my sister and sister in law. I will focus on eating healthy but i dont know how well that will go but we will have to wait to see how things turn out.

And very quickly my weigh in today 161lbs

Monday, November 28, 2011

letting things come slow

i started an account on youtube makeing videos regarding my weight and  i had joined a challenge but than i gave up and i think i have given up on this blog as well. I dont know i think sometimes i am so focused on posting and staying up to date that i dont focus on myself and my happenes and how i am feeling so i am taking a brake from challenges and goals and i will be on my blog but more to track my progress but the post will be less personal i dont know how long i will stay away but i think this break is much needed.

for thanksgiving i went home 1 week and things did get as bad as i had thought because i gained weight and didnt track or care what was put in my mouth i ate out everyday. ate so much fast food and ate for like 2 people but let me just say that i will move on from that epic fail and i will continue to do as i always do here in school

i gained 5 lbs CW: 162 my last weigh in before leaving for thanksgiving 157

sucks because you all know how hard it is to lose 5 lbs and in one week i gaind it all right back i am so mad but i have no one to blame but myself and well i have to learn from my mistakes in order to make sure i dont gain this much weight or even more during christmas ufff  i am so scared and i dont know how things will workout out but ill let things be as they will

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Change( again )

Ok this whole me putting pictures up of what i eat is getting anoying...no more of that im going to be tracking what i eat and all but im doing it in a notebook because blogging is takeing too much time and im geeting anoyed.....everything else will be kept the same i will be and im also changing things up a little bit ill also be blogging about intresting health topics i find or hear about or anything i recomend.....today has been a long day so with this said have a great day and let me get back to studying

Im starting over again regarding my blog so i deleted all earlier posts.
So for know a quick brake down of my journey. Started my second weight loss at 178 lbs on September 2011 and my goal weight is to reach 130 lbs.

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