Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 2 of the 30 day shred

Well hello everyone. I did my second day of the 30 day shred level . Woohoo im so proud because i finished it all without taking a brake and i made sure to push through it all. I was sweating like crazy thats a good thing. Hope to keep you all updated i will be doing weigh ins on fridays starting this friday. I just thinks that helps me evaluate the week and if i need a rest i will make sure it will be on the weekends instead of during the week when i have the chance to hit the gym.

talking about the gym i didnt go today i was sore from the 30 day shred and it was pouring rain outside. So basically i used up my first rest day but i still did the 30 day shred workout i makes sure to fit that in no matter what. So hopefully tomorrow its not raining and i can hit the gym in the morning. See thats something i hate about being in college. Because in the morning most machines are free and there isnt that many people, but in the afternoon starting around 10 till close there are so many people and than you have to be waiting and all that. So basically the best option is to go in the morning but my lazy butt wants to stay in bed but im pushing myself

lets see how long this last....oo and also im heading home march 10-17 and im supper excited i need a brake from school and i want to see all my family...but on the other hand evertime i go home i mess up big time... i fall into food temptation and i dont workout. But hopefully know that i am doing the 30 day shred i will continue to stay on track. Lets see how that all goes.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

30 Day Shred

Today i decided i wold start the 30 day shret. I started today on level 1 and im telling you for all you who have never tryed it trust me it is a butt kicking workout. I was doing it and some time during the end i was like i need to take a brake which really that ment im done with it. But than i thought really this workout is only 20 minutes and you cant finish i pushed myself and guess what at the end of it i felt accomplished and i think if i push myself like i did today i will finish this 30 day shred and kick some butt. Also i dont remember if i mentioned this before but hey this week has been going great because i have started to include workout into my daily routine and no im not only talking about the 30 day shred i am  class, from one class to another, from class back to my room or if im heading to a meeting and so farth.

But on friday i was board in my room taking a brake from studying and i was like ok gaby you are at 151lbs..why not try on some of the clothing that used to not fit?? ok so i go i try on some shorts i have that used to be tight and you know what they did fit and some were even loose.  but here is the issue i was proud that i could fit into the shorts however i still even with them fitting loose had a big big big muffin top. Really that is the last thing i needed to loss the weight and still have a hudge belly. The next day, on saterday i started to workout. Ive been doing some zumba and i loved it. But im not sure exactly where im heading but i do know....I need to workout if i want to have a flat stomach and no loose skin.

One of my biggest fears is to loss the weight and still have loose skin. I think its not too late to start toneing im not so focues on arms and legs but with the 30 day shred it does adress those areas so that a big plus. Ill be doing updates on the weight like always on the weekend but i can already see that this week will be a good one because i started great and i think i will contiue to push through the lazyness and focus on the UGW.

Ill post some before 30 day shred pictures took keep track if there are any changes.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sharing some new information

Hey stopping by my blog to check up on everyones progress and i have been seeing great results. I wanted to share some news if you guys...I STARTED A TUMBLR.....its kind of weird because blogging was new to me and i still havent really gotten a perfect hold of it and i took a hudge step forward and decided to start a tumblr because i was browsing around and found so many "fitspos" and weight loss related tumblr blogs. And i have to admit they game me so much motivation and i love looking and finding photos to express exactly how i feel and think. So i wanted all you to check it out i started it today so there hasnt been alot of progress but soon it will be better and i dont know i hope this will motivate me to put 100% into my weight loss.

I will continue to post updated here because this is what i consider my diary and i will continue to post lots of pictures here. With that i will let you guys go lov u all

Thursday, February 23, 2012


WELP......i have been missing i know and i take full responsability.....Life is getting crazy and even though i should be stressed im starting to learn how to deal with issues and move on. The week has been crazy and it will soon be even more insane but i am getting prepared to work like crazy and make sure things get done. #collegestudentproblems ^__^ ( one day at a time)

On another note....I recently had the most amazing weekend. The boyfriend came to visit and even though we didnt go out staying in and watching movies was way more amazing and it was much needed. Long distance relationships are hard and whenever i get to see him i make sure i take full adventage. we had been fighting over dumb things a couple days before he came but as soon as he got here everything was forgotten. Ok so the only down fall about the visit was that we ended up eating so badly and even though i knew i could do better regarding food choices i dont regret it at all because i had the best time ever. The good thing is that i regrouped myself and that very same monday i got right back on track and it turned into not being a big deal. Im starting to see growth in myself on other occations as you guys have seen from my blog as soon as a mess up i tell myself ok you messed up so you might as well eat the entire week badly.....BUT NOT THIS TIME......

If you guys have been reading my last couple of posts i have not set up a list of goals simply because the first time around they didnt work and as i looked over them some were unrealistic and also as everyone knows there are going to be issues during the journey and crazy stuff happens. So basically i kind of hopeing to fallow a healthy goal of losing 2 lbs per week (more or less).

Here is what my weight has been looking like this last couple of weeks or should i say the month of February. I went through ups and downs. weighed in this morning and that will be included in the below list CHECK IT OUT

Feb 01---156
Feb 9---153

Ahhhhhh....i was so close to being under 150.....i will accomplish that dont worry with time and comitment i will make it
hope everyone has a wonderful week/weekend hope to update soon and lov u all

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Valentines Day is here and love is in the air.....One of the most wonderful days and i wanted to stop by and wish everyone the best day ever. Im a believer in love and i am deeply in love with the best man in the world my boyfriend....Been with him 4 years getting close to reaching our 5 year mark and i couldnt be any happier. I love him because he accepts me for who i am, he has been by my side through the good and the bad and more than a boyfriend he is my best friend and the person i look forward to hear from each and every single day......

XOXO lov you all <3

Sunday, February 12, 2012


In the last couple of days i have noticed that i am stuck in a mind set....I feel as though i am traped in a mold that everyone expects me to be curtain way.....I want to be able to brake that mold and show who i am and what i want to be however i lack the self confidance to do it. I have been thinking and running around an idea that scares me but at the same time pushes me to make changes. Do any of you sit and think what will be of me once i lose the weight. In a dream world i would expect that once i lose the weight i will be confortable with myself and i will be more joyful and full of life. However, what if once i lose the weight i continue to be unconfident stuck in the mold i have build around my self. The mold that dictates who i am and i get scared i will always be in this mold.

So what came to mind the other day was what if i start changing things slowely along with the weight loss. I want to get rid of any drama in my life and negetive people who either put me down or dont add to my life. I know and i am realistic about the process i know confidence cant be found over night and im not expecting that but i need to be more confident and have a voice. I have always been a follower, with everything. For example if we go out to eat and you ask what do you want to order (lets say in a group) i will go with whatever the majority chooses and i dont ever speak up for what i want. In my relationship i have noticed i let him( the boyfriend) treat me as he wishes and i keep my mouth shut even when i dont think its right. I am starting to build courage to speak up and let people know what I want what I think and what I need.

basically i am giving myself two challenges and i hope i can accomplish them both. First is to lose the weight, I have noticed that my dedication to accomplish this goal has diminished to the point were if i do good im happy but when i mess up i just let it be and act like i dont care. However in order to accomplish this goal i have to get my head in the game and put my butt back in gear to make sure i do what is needed in order to set my self for success. Part of making sure im back on track is to make sure i include and make going to the gym equaly as important as my eating. So far i have been focusing on making sure i am eating right but i tend to set workout aside and even though it has been working i have noticed that as i lose the weight im still seeing my stomach hang and its because i have no core muscle let alone any muscle and i need to work on that. The second challenge like i just mentioned is to work on my voice and get myself to step out of the mold and not be afraid to look like a full because i want to be happy and enjoy every moment of my life and never look back and regret of wish i had done things differently. I want to look back and be happy i took the right decision to change my life.

hopeing things workout and wishing myself the best of luck.

Love you all

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Well hello world....i am still alive and doing better than ever. I have been keeping myself out of blogging and all that because i have to keep my focus on school. And to be truthful i have been running like a chicken without a head going here and there and always on the go. However loves that has not stoped me from focusing on losing the weight i do regret a couple of things but most of all i regret the time that i have let go of. Its been about 2 weeks since i started school along with my weight loss journey and i wish i could be farther along and all but hey i knew from the begining that the journey was not going to be short and that i needed to put alot of work into it. I am seeing some changes not big ones but something is better than nothing.

ok so lets get to the real deal of the post....I am here to do an official weigh in....Guess i have some fantastic news my weight as of today Tuesday morning 154 lbs...Awsome right that is an 8 lbs weight loss. Im hoping i can continue to loss weight this 2 weeks that fallow because if i know my body corectly first i loss alot and than i dont. Im crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

The only bad news like i had mentioned i have not been extercising the way i should i have not taken one single step into the gym but im trying to rap my head around it and i have to rethink alot of things regarding my schedule and all so i'm hopeing some changes will arrive soon. I know that without fully commiting to extercise my weight will either stay the same or it will go up....And There Is No Way I Will Let That Happen.

I dont want to end the blog on a bad note so i will let you guys all know MY BIRTHDAY IS THIS THURSDAY....UMMMM AND THIS GIRL IS TURNING 20. I am glad that i am making changes before i see the 20's because as soon as i loss this weight i will be living my life to the fullest and my 20's should be the greatest years of my life. WELL LOVES UNTILL NEXT POST...TAKE CARE AND REMEMBER INNER BEAUTY SHOULD SOON REFLECT ON THE OUTSIDE.

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